Mike and Jill – New Hope, PA – September 6, 2008

Mike and Jill’s adorable nature should look familiar. We had a great engagement session in Brooklyn listed earlier on the blog. It is fair to say these two are definitely something special. They had a beautiful yet incredibly WET wedding day. I don’t just mean WET, I mean torrential downpours. The rain was so intense we didn’t spend any time photographing outdoors, and the little bit of time that was spent outdoors was utilized by running from one location to the other in a frantic fashion. However, for these two it was a sign of marital good luck. It turns out that blizzards and freak storms on wedding days are a traditional rite of passage throughout generations of their families. Thus, it fit them well.

Despite the downpour, it was a lovely and amazing day, and Mike and Jill couldn’t have handled it better. They had an intimate and gorgeous wedding day. I’ve already told them that I would like to be adopted by their families. They were a great group. Congrats you two!


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One response to “Mike and Jill – New Hope, PA – September 6, 2008

  1. Nikki

    This wedding looks like a blast! I want to be adopted too!

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