Sweet Melissa… Yummy…

I had the pleasure of meeting last week with Lynn of Sweet Melissa Patisserie and Cremerie.  Sweet Melissa is owned by Melissa Murphy, an acclaimed baker who even has her own book published.  Fancy and yummy!  The adorable shops (both located in Brooklyn) are full of all sorts of tasty and beautiful edibles and they also make stunning wedding cakes and custom pieces.  The Court Street location has cute and cozy indoor seating and a lovely garden in the back, perfect for parties or just a free afternoon.  If anyone needs a wedding cake make sure and visit Melissa and Lynn.  They have perfected ‘yummy goodness’.  Enjoy the photos and get ready to drool:

SM 1

SM 2

SM 3

SM 4

SM 5

SM 6

SM 7

SM 8

SM 9

SM 10

SM 11

SM 12

SM 13

SM 14

SM 15

SM 16

SM 17

sm 18

sm 19



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4 responses to “Sweet Melissa… Yummy…

  1. this place is very SWEET looking…that is for sure! Great stuff.

  2. glenda

    FUN PLACE! Love the name 🙂

  3. nancy

    I am ready for a trip to Brooklyn! Yuuuummmmyyy! LOVE the photos, too!

  4. Amy

    When I am there next time we are soooo going there. The place looks amazing and unique!

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