Chris and Natalia…Central Park…May 22nd

I had the pleasure of meeting Natalia after shooting Jonathan and Navida’s wedding at Rouge Tomate.  Natalia is the fabulous Culinary Nutritionist at this amazing restaurant.  Right after our first meeting, we headed off to the park for an engagement shoot and a crash course in photography.  After years of friendship, she invited Chris to a family dinner and he was hers.  It didn’t hurt that he was a red head…her favorite.  Chris proposed to Natalia in the tiny old town of Rothenburg, Germany, on a cold crisp day in front of a gorgeous middle-aged church.  They had been shopping at the Christmas Market and Chris prepared ahead of time a ring containing his grandmother’s diamond.  Natalia was thrilled and elated.  She got the man of her dreams and they are incredibly in love.  You will see more from them in September when they will wed at The Church of Blessed Sacrament, followed by a reception at Rouge Tomate.


Chris 1

Chris 2

Chris 3

Chris 4

Chris 5

Chris 6

Chris 7

Chris 8

Chris 9

Chris 10

Chris 11

Chris 12

Chris 13

Chris 14

Chris 15

Chris 16

Chris 17

Chris 18



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2 responses to “Chris and Natalia…Central Park…May 22nd

  1. sarah

    love, love, love these shots! you are both beautiful!

  2. Amy

    Adorable couple! The water fountain picture is beautiful and so cute.

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