Back in the City ….

Today is my first day back from Leah and Randy’s gorgeous wedding in Puerto Vallarta.  Here is one photo so you can get a glimpse of how stunning it was there.  For my last two days, I grabbed my assistant and left resort-living for the jungle.  It was magical.  Leah and Randy are off rain-forest canopy touring this week for their honeymoon.  Happy honeymoon!





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5 responses to “Back in the City ….

  1. Glenda

    oh WOW…………What a location! Can’t wait for more pictures!

  2. Leah

    Wow!!! This picture is so amazing! I am so glad we chose you to be apart of our wedding! You are amazing!

  3. oh my word! No way!! beautiful..

  4. Jonna

    Take me there now! Can’t wait for more!

  5. Ashley DuChene

    You must have been one happy photographer to be surrounded by such beauty!

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