Lacey & Clint Wed * Central Park * 10.24.2009

Clint and Lacey wed on a very, and I mean very, rainy October 24th.  They recently relocated to Manhattan and wanted a very New York City feel to their photos.  The rain limited our options, especially for Lacey in her stunning dress, but we worked magic.  I took them into Eisenberg’s Deli, one of the oldest delis in NYC, and love the results.  The couple hired me to photograph portraits and the ceremony.  Then they sprinted off to get dry and celebrate at Fig and Olive Wine Bar.  Clint and Lacey beamed whenever within eyesight of each other…adorable and inspiring.



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10 responses to “Lacey & Clint Wed * Central Park * 10.24.2009

  1. kacie whigham

    Beautiful pics! Love you Lace!

  2. Glenda

    Beautiful beautiful ~ I think the rainy day made the pictures even “more special” and unique!

  3. Lacey

    I am amazed! You took a crappy, rainy day and created pictures that are so beautiful and so memorable, I forget it was raining! Thank you again for your hard work in a tough situation 🙂

  4. Vicki Doyle

    These are amazing!!!! and they make me miss home!!! (but ONLY in OCTOBER!!!!!..:)
    hope to see you at Christmas!!!

  5. Jeannette Ku

    so gorgeous! love the deli pictures!!

  6. Emily

    I dont think anyone will ever see Clint smile that big and Lacey glow that much again. I just hope my picetures turn out at least half that cute someday:) i’m in love

  7. Helen Miller

    Hi kids — I like the “first look” pictures a lot. They are all beautiful, though, and I think the rain and umbrellas add a little punch! Thanks for the sneak peek.
    Love, Mom

  8. Paul Cooper,(Paw)

    Great Pictures! you truly captured two people in LOVE!

  9. Nikki

    Stunning! I love the Flatiron Building and Eisenburgs shots… so perfectly New York.

  10. Clint

    Thank goodness she convinced me to get a photographer; you captured the greatest moments of our day!

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