Here’s to 2010…

As we are all anticipating the holidays and snow storms, I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who celebrated in 2009 with me.  It was a joy and pleasure to be a part of all of your 2009 adventures and love.

2010 is lining up to be a stupendous year, including Puerto Morreles, Chicago, New York, Pennsylvania and beyond…  I look forward to all it brings!

I am headed to (the warmer) West Coast to spend Christmas with my family, but will be checking emails and phone messages.  If you have something to say, send it over!

As 2009 wraps up, here is an old Chinese proverb to mull over…

“Looking for a fish? … Don’t climb a tree.”



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3 responses to “Here’s to 2010…

  1. Glenda

    Merry Christmas Missy!
    Can’t wait to get you home for Christmas!

  2. Laurena

    Happy Holidays Missy! Wishing your and your family a very happy & healthy new year!

    PS – I love that your mom reads your blog and that she uses “143”…super cute! :o)


  3. Happy New Year! I wish you an adventure-filled and prosperous 2010!

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