A few thanks and hugs

I am finally back in NYC. I forgot what winter is after being in Southern California for a couple of weeks.  Sigh….back to the “20 degrees but feels like 9 degrees”.  Below is a photo I had to snap at our layover in Chicago to “de-ice”.

Before I start posting again for this new year, I want to give mad hugs to Classic Bride, Silver Lining,and Wedding Ideas and Tips for featuring Matt and Blair’s engagement photos on their blogs, and again to Classic Bride and Sparkle for featuring Clifford and Stephanie.

I want to give an extra special European cheek kiss to Classic Bride.  Sarah, of Classic Bride, is so lovely.  Cheers, Sarah!



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4 responses to “A few thanks and hugs

  1. Welcome back to chilly NYC! {Though that layover photo doesn’t look like much fun, we’re happy to have you back!}

  2. Glenda

    BUT………..I miss you here!
    (however, Thankful you made it home safe)

  3. Nikki

    We New Yorkers are lucky to have you back!

  4. You always bring a smile to my face! Extra special European cheek kiss right back at ya! xox.

    Can’t wait to see the beautiful weddings and e-shoots you have in store for 2010!!

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