I heart Magnolias…

I was holding off on photographing the magnolia blooms until an engagement shoot next week but they are already starting to shed.  I LOVE when they bloom and sadly it is for such a short time.  I have to resist the urge to tape the blooms back on.  Here are some shots from my morning venture…



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7 responses to “I heart Magnolias…

  1. Barbara

    So ethereal in their beauty! I love this! You do such lovely work! Love you~Auntie B

  2. Jen

    Missy, these are SO beautiful! I love them – fantastic… makes me want to go frolic. xo

  3. Glenda

    So beautiful, wish I could be there strolling along the paths with you. Thank you for the wonderful reminder of a year ago. Pleasant memories!

    Hopefully you will still have some next week for your engagement shoot.

  4. Sara

    Swoon! My heart is racing after seeing these ridiculously gorgeous magnolia shots! Wish I could transport myself to see these in person! Beauty, Mel!

  5. I must confess-one of these gorgeous shots in my background. And it’s heavenly.

  6. wow – such great photos! you are talented.

    magnolias are so pretty and romantic.

  7. russandashleygetmarried

    Can I frame one of these for Baby Juliette’s room?

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