Thank you to Dog n’ Bird Artful Wedding…

A big loud ‘thank you’ to Bird from Dog n’ Bird Artful Wedding for her wonderful post on Missy Photography today.  I am thrilled…



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My Floral Fairy God ‘Friend’….

A couple of weeks ago, I asked my friend and collegue Sara Eaton, of Black Lotus Design, if I could borrow her green thumb to create indoor herb and succulent gardens.  Next thing I knew….all the way from across the US of A…

For any of your San Diego brides looking for a florist, Sara is amazingly talented and creative and super sweet to boot.  Thank you Sara!!!!!


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Cherry Blossom Couple Shoot…

I had the rare treat of cherry blossoms coupled with Rickey & Caitlyn this last Friday at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.  We stalked the cherry blossoms for weeks awaiting the perfect day and it didn’t disappoint.  We also had the assistance of the lovely Stephanie Cunningham, who you may remember from her beautiful wedding last fall, as she styled the shoot for us.  Stephanie will be graduating in a few short weeks and has been interning at Martha Stewart Weddings.  If anyone needs a budding young planner send me an email and I will connect you.  The day was gorgeous, the couple perfection and I think that makes for a spectacular Friday…


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* Poppies & Posies *

I am thrilled to be interviewed on the blog of the amazingly talented Sierra & Juliet. These two lovely ladies make up the floral and event design company of Poppies & Posies.  They wow me daily with their creativity and designs.  Check out the interview here!


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I heart Magnolias…

I was holding off on photographing the magnolia blooms until an engagement shoot next week but they are already starting to shed.  I LOVE when they bloom and sadly it is for such a short time.  I have to resist the urge to tape the blooms back on.  Here are some shots from my morning venture…


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Elizabeth Anne Designs Feature…

A giantic pile of thank you’s to Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs for featuring Michael and Laurena.  The happy and adorable couple will wed at the end of May in Puerto Morelos.  I have been dreaming of it during this cold winter months.  Can’t wait!


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Spring has Sprung … Thank goodness!

Despite the previous rain, it finally appears Spring has come to rest on us.  I am sure I speak for most when I say it couldn’t have come to more open arms.  Spring also means engagement shoots and weddings will be blooming.  Yippee…


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